Pasta sauce into pizza sauce

Trust me; I never knew “How to turn pasta sauce into pizza sauce?”

I recently learned the exact science behind turning pasta sauce into pizza sauce. As an Italian-American, I was taught that oregano was the difference between pasta and pizza sauce. Pizza is oregano-heavy, while pasta sauce uses little to no oregano. So, they were not interchangeable in my home. I found out as an adult that it is not a thing outside of my family, LOL.

So, seeing someone suggesting pizza sauce instead of pasta sauce still feels like blaspheme, even though it is not. LOL.

Many people, especially in the United States, prefer to top their pizza with tomato sauce to enhance flavours. American cuisine is iconic for its use of many different spices: the more, the better.

Can you make pizza sauce with pasta sauce?

Using pasta sauce on pizza is possible and a delicious option. While it may be thinner and less seasoned than traditional pizza sauce, it can be easily modified with additional ingredients and spices according to your taste. This simple transformation can boost the flavour of your homemade pizza.

You might wonder if you can use pasta sauce instead of pizza sauce or if you don’t have canned tomato or pizza sauce in the house. Humm!

Get ready to embark on a gastronomic journey that marries the flavors of the sauce with a comforting embrace. So, shall we begin?

Every time I turn pasta sauce into pizza sauce, it doesn’t taste like authentic pizza sauce. So, if you find yourself without canned tomato or pizza sauce, you can confidently use pasta sauce as a substitute for a delicious homemade pizza. 

How do you turn pasta sauce into pizza sauce?

Transforming pasta sauce into a pizza-ready sauce is an easy process. Here are some handy tips that can be quickly applied: 

  • Strain the pasta sauce:

Tomato sauces are meant for pasta and contain more water than pizza sauce. Start by straining the excess liquid from the sauce.

  • Blend the sauce:

After removing excess water, the pasta sauce will become chunky. To smooth it out, pour the sauce into a food processor and blend it until it’s a smooth paste.  

  • Spices and seasoning:

Add spices like garlic powder, onion powder, ground powder, Italian seating, oregano, and basil. You can eliminate or add any other spices to your taste.

  • Pulse again until thoroughly combined.
  • Again, strain out the additional liquid from the sauce.

Ta Da Da! 

Your pizza sauce is ready to be used on pizza.

The basic difference between pasta sauce and pizza sauce:

First, the main difference between these sauces is that pasta sauce is cooked while pizza sauce is more like rice. 

Pizza sauce

It is generally thicker, lumpier, often uncooked, and more herb-heavy. The main reason it’s uncooked is to let it cook in the baking oven. Many spices can be added to pizza sauce, such as oregano, thyme, basil, pepper, onion powder, and Italian seasonings. 

Pizza sauce has a smoother texture than pasta sauce. Pasta sauce contains chunky tomato pieces, which could be helpful to make the pizza sauce thicker. Moreover, pizza sauce has an intentionally stronger taste to enhance the cheese and meat flavors on top of the pizza.

 Pasta sauce:

It is made with crushed tomatoes containing some water. It has a thinner consistency than pizza sauce. This thinner texture helps it coat the pasta strands well and ensures each bite is flavorful. In comparison, pasta sauce usually contains basic and simple spices like salt, pepper, and dried oregano.

You can add as many condiments to pasta sauce as you want, such as meat, onion slices, ground beef, sausages, and more. The sauce is meant to be enjoyed through cooking. Since pasta absorbs water significantly, it should be generously hydrated to maintain a stable consistency.

Frequently asked questions

Can you make pizza with pasta sauce?

Pasta sauce has chunky tomato slices; blending makes it thicker and richer than pizza sauce. It adds a unique texture to pizza and provides an interesting flavor you won’t get from a traditional pizza sauce. 

How do I turn marinara sauce into pizza sauce?

You can easily make pizza sauce from marinara sauce by adding tomato juice or water to loosen the texture. You can add more herbs like oreganos, Italian seasonings, and basil to make it more flavourful.

What pasta sauce is closest to pizza sauce?

Marinara sauce can be used as a substitute for pizza sauce because it has less water content than regular tomato or pasta sauce. That’s why it is considered similar to pizza sauce.

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