How do you cook pasta sauce from a jar?

How do you cook pasta sauce from a jar?

Being a hosteler with a hectic life, I spent years trying to find its answer, and as soon as I tried making it myself, I realized I would never turn back and depend upon bland jar sauce only. Remaking your sauce is much cheaper than sugar-laden, mildly flavoured sauce. It is easier to make and takes less time than it does to cook the pasta. 

It’s effortless to make it homemade. Also, canned tomatoes are nutritious and delicious. One reason is that buying pasta sauces (which are also half the cost of those marketed as ready-to-use pasta sauces) is a good idea. It also gives you complete creative control over your flavouring.

How do you cook pasta sauce from a jar? 

Let’s make a jar of pasta sauce more fancy. This is a great recipe for someone who is unsure of cooking and may have had some failures. 


Extra virgin olive oil

Chopped Garlic cloves

1 pasta sauce jar

Crushed pepper flakes(optional)

Italian seasoning

Parmesan powder cheese

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Sauce jar selection:

 Get a jar of pasta sauce according to your taste preference. Multiple options, like plain canned crushed tomatoes, marinara or tomato, basil, and herb, are available. Any kind is fine.

Heat the pasta sauce:

Place a saucepan with a tablespoon of olive oil and a few chopped garlic cloves over medium heat. Sauté up to two minutes. Add jarred sauce to the pan, stir well, and cook for a minute.

Seasoning the sauce:

After heating the tomato pasta sauce, add 2-3 pinches of Italian seasoning and Crushed chili flakes (if you like the spicy version of the sauce). Lastly, add cheese powder for a cheesy and savory punch. Continue simmering the sauce for a few more minutes to allow the cheese powder to dissolve and thoroughly meld with the other ingredients.

Do not add salt until you have tasted the sauce.


Once the sauce is prepared, Add any freshly cooked pasta type. Stir everything together gently, and let all the pasta coated evenly with the sauce. Serve immediately after removing from heat.

Cooking pasta sauce from a jar is an easy option for busy weekday meals and anyone looking for a delicious meal without spending too much time in the kitchen. This effortless recipe is enough to transform a jar of sauce into a flavorful accompaniment for your favorite pasta dishes. 

Go ahead, take hold of a jar of your beloved pasta sauce, and experiment with this easy and satisfying cooking method!

What meat or vegetables do you add to your pasta sauces?

Ground meat: Choose any ground meat type, like ground beef, chicken breast, Italian sausage, bacon, ground turkey, or ground chicken. Adding meat to pasta sauce makes the dish more real and infuses it with an incredibly satisfying savory meatiness.

Veggies: Experiment with different veggie combinations, like grating the carrots to create delicious and appealing pasta dishes. And you won’t notice they’re there, but they add a lovely sweetness to the meat sauce—zucchini, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and garlic. If you sauté chopped bell peppers and add that to the mix, you’re getting a load of excellent veg nutrition.

How to improve jarred pasta sauce?

If you’re looking for ways to doctor up pasta sauce, check out these top tips and pick a different recipe each time, and you’ll soon pick a favorite.

Stir with sautéed garlic and onions:  

Onions can be added to almost anything. Garlic is similar. Just sauté them for a few minutes (less time with the garlic so as not to burn it/bitter it).

Strew with red wine:

Add just a splash of red wine right after the onions are sauteed and before you put the sauce in the pot. You don’t need much, and your canned sauce already has some wine. Using too much wine can make the sauce excessively sour in flavor.

Mix in Worcestershire/Fish Sauce:

Suppose you want some meatiness (umami flavor) in your sauce. Again, it’s easy to overpower the dish, so put in a small amount and try it. I think Worcestershire works the best out of the two.

Add some fresh cheese:

I prefer freshly grated over pre-grated cheese. The taste and texture are better, and you feel fancier. Taste up the cheesiness by adding grated Parmesan, Pecorino Romano, or a blend of Italian cheeses to the sauce. Stir until the cheese melts and combines with the sauce.

Mix in with fresh herbs:

Fresh herbs make a world of difference. If you can yank some leaves off a basil plant, no one will know that your gourmet concoction came from a jar!

Frequently asked questions

How do you heat jarred pasta sauce?

Dump the sauce into a pan over medium heat. 
Put some water in the sauce, shake the jar, and pour it back into the pan. Bring to a boil and stir occasionally. 
Once boiling, simmer for 10 minutes with no lid over low heat. 
Pasta sauce will be thickened and reduced and ready to blend with pasta.

Do you add water to the jar of pasta sauce?

 Pasta water combines sauces, so they stick to the pasta better. You don’t have to drown the bowl in water, but adding a hearty splash of starchy pasta water will help the sauce stick to the pasta.

Is jarred pasta sauce already cooked?

Yes, most jarred pasta sauces are already cooked and ready to be served. But be mindful of jarred pasta sauces as they contain various preservatives to extend their shelf life.

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